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Homeopathy has always been a debatable system of medicine, and especially when it comes to conditions like piles; there’s much of a doubt that arises in minds over how effective these sugar pills can be. That’s because of the pain it causes, and the complications associated with it. The motion that’s in deep discomfort directly affects an individual’s emotions putting them into a deep tunnel where doubts over the treatment gets accumulated. So, to clear those doubts we at Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy have picked the most frequently asked questions. You can treat these answers as homeopathic remedies that will eliminate your doubts from their roots, without the risk of a doubt relapse. So, scroll down and find your answers.

How does homeopathy define symptoms and treat them?

Homeopathy was an experiment that brought out the symptoms that a particular disease shows. Hence, it can be referred the support which deals with the symptoms and removes the underlying causes and helps the body create a balance for itself. This needs the homeopath to work towards the patient as a whole understanding their body, mind and emotional state while prescribing a remedy.

How is it possible for such small doses to be effective?

Homeopathic medicines include a very intricate procedure of diluting certain ingredients in water and alcohol. This process is called potentization which is done by vigorous shaking (succussion). This process invokes the inherent healing powers of the remedy and stimulates the natural healing process of the body. The higher the dilution, the stronger the effect.

How to find the correct homeopathic remedy?

Homeopathic remedies are based on individualistic symptoms, which makes it different for each person. It needs a complete understanding of the patient’s body type and if they are allergic to certain minerals and substances. The physical, mental and emotional levels of the patient must be noted before deciding on a remedy.

How are allopathy and homeopathy different from each other?

Although the goal is to eliminate the symptoms, allopathy or conventional medicine relies on treating a patient’s physical symptoms by suppressing the symptoms. This gives instant relief with the help of strong doses of certain medicines. However, the chances of a relapse are high.

In homeopathy, the treatments are customized based on individual symptoms of the patients, which works according to the patient’s ability to fight the underlying cause.

Is homeopathy a safe option?

Homeopathic medicines are made of minerals and plant extracts which make them completely natural. Even the white sugar pearls are nothing but sugars from lactose which are good for health. These medicines are prescribed based on the patient’s symptoms and provide effective results without any side effects.

Can homeopathy and allopathy medicines be taken together?

Homeopathic medicines usually do not interrupt with allopathic treatments. Sometimes when certain conditions such a diabetes and blood pressure are very high, allopathy helps in stabilising it. Once the sugar levels and blood pressure are stable you can slowly shift to homeopathy.

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