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Abhyanga Ayurvedic Treatment

Abhyangam is one of the primary treatments in the system of ayurvedic medicine that involves massaging the body with large amounts of warm oil which is mixed with herbs for specific conditions.

Abhyangam is a part of daily practices known as dincharya, which is intended to open up the minor srotas (channels), remove ama (toxins), melt the fat secretions blocking the srotas, cleanse and moisturisation the Skin to maintain good health and well-being.

Abhyangam isn’t just for body ailments; it is known to relieve individuals of stress and anxiety that takes form of muscle tension in the body. It will have a relaxing and calming effect on you, helping you ease out the stress and think with clarity.

We at Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital believe in abhyanga to aid joint health, nourish dhatus (tissues of the body) and brings aggravated doshas back in balance. It also improves the condition of dry, coarse hair and flaky skin.

Abhyangam can be done as a part of Panchakarma Therapy, especially in the first stage which is known as Purva Karma (pre-treatment), or as its own therapy.

The therapy is often followed by Svedana Therapy, a warm bath or Yoga to relax the muscles and make your body feel light and healthy.

We are known to be one of the most effective ayurveda centres for treatment of all kinds of conditions. We admit with pride that our medication and treatment solutions are completely herbal and natural. We promote a health of not just the body but also of the mind and soul. To experience it all yourself, you can Book an Appointment or visit our hospital directly.

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