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Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases, with multiple people in a single family being barred from having anything sweet. In fact, it runs in families. While everyone seeks a system of medicine to keep the sugar levels in check, there is the approach of ayurveda that seeks to catch the root cause and deal with the overall effects of diabetes.

According to ayurveda, diabetes is known as Madhumeha and it develops in either of the two ways; one is due to aggravation of vata dosha because of tissue depletion, and the other is due to the obstruction or blockage of the channels by Kapha dosha and fatty tissue. Both the causes increase vata dosha in the body and over time, manifests as diabetes. Another prime cause of diabetes is impaired digestion, that leads to accumulation of specific digestive impurities called ama. Ama accumulates in the pancreatic cells and impairs the production of insulin, causing diabetes.

Neglecting diabetes can lead to complications like eye problems, joint pains, Impotency, kidney failure, sexual and urologic problems, etc. It should be noted that diabetes cannot be merely treated by controlling sugar levels because it is a metabolic disorder that cause tissue damage. Which is why even if the blood sugar levels are kept under control with medication, there is a high risk of damage to your eyes, kidneys or other vital organs later on.

Ayurvedic approach to treat diabetes is not a single medication solution, but a combination of personalized medication, dietary changes and lifestyle recommendations to not just bring the sugar levels under control, but to Rejuvenate you boody and purify it from all the Vata, kapha and ama. Ayurveda aims at identifying the root cause of your diabetes and providing customized treatment according to your condition. We first work on reducing your current medication dosage and then help you to manage diabetes through ayurveda.

We, at Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital, prepare the line of treatment based on your constitution and considering your prakriti of dosha predominance. We also consider other factors like hereditary, food habits etc. before preparing a specific line of treatment.

Usually, people with Type 1 diabetes are advised Brimhana medication and diet to increase dhatus in the body, diet is a major part of the treatment as each food component has certain qualities to affect the doshas in certain ways. Panchakarma is avoided for type 1 patients. Where as purification of body by means of panchakarma, based on the predominance of doshas is advisable for patients with type 2 diabetes.

The various other stages of treatment at Sri Veda Ayurveda Hospital include,

  • Snehana: Loosening of toxins by application of oils internally and externally.
  • Sodhana: Purification through Vamana, Virechana and Vasti.
  • Samana
  • Pathya-Apathya
  • Controlled vyayam (Yoga and Pranayama)
  • External Therapies: Abhyanga, Takra Dhara, Udwathana, Kashaya seka, SSPS Generally Swedana, Raktamokshana is advocated in non-healing diabetic ulcers.

Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital believes in the art of living a healthy life in mind, body and soul. We are happy to care and extend our best services for you to lead a healthy life. We promote medication in the most natural way and treat our patients with medication made with extracts of herbs, roots, plants and vegetables that are rich in healing. We are one of the best ayurveda hospitals in Hyderabad and are trusted because we guarantee no side effects and effective results for almost all are treatments. You can Book an Appointment or visit us for a consult to begin your journey of healing with us.