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Anjanam ayurveda Treatment

Anjanam is an ayurvedic eye therapy in which herbal eye ointments are used to treat and enhance vision and prevent eye diseases.

This treatment also helps to remove foreign bodies, itching and burning sensation in the eyes.

The herbal medicaments are applied into the conjunctival fornices with the help of salaka. Salaka is a rod like equipment which is 8-10 inches long with blunt ends.

In the treatment the medicine is applied over the eyelids in the form of collyrium. Collyrium is made from a mixture of herbal char, chemicals, and zoological components.

If the collyrium is applied inside the eyelids then it should be done only with the fingers. After the application the patient has to close the eyes and move the eyeball in all directions so that the medicine spreads throughout the eyes.

The application should not be washed or rubbed immediately.

Proper care should be taken while applying the medicine.

Anjanam helps in relaxing and soothing the optic nerves thus bringing beauty and lustre to the eyes and relief to the mind.

Conditions that might benefit are cataract, conjunctivitis, macular degeneration and blurred vision.

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