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Urovasti Ayurvedic Treatment

Urovasti is an effective Ayurveda treatment for combating respiratory and circulatory diseases.
It is used to treat diseases like Vataja kasa(dry, painful, and hacking cough), Hridroga(heart diseases), Shwasa(dyspnoea, breathing problems), Hrid Drava (palpitations), etc.

This is an oil pooling treatment, where elevated circles made up of wet dough of black gram flour is made upon the chest region which covers the regions of heart and lungs and herbal oil is poured into it the cabins and left for certain period of time.

Urovasti is an extension of other oil pooling treatments which are used to treat back pain, knee pain and so on.
The term ‘Uro’ means chest area and ‘Vasti’ means to hold. Uro Vasti is crucial in Panchakarma therapy. It helps in reducing muscular chest pain.

The oil used for pooling are sesame oil, ghee, milk, and juice of asparagus racemosus.

The treatment can be done during any time in case of emergency conditions, but it should be done at particular time depending on the symptoms. The patient has to attend the treatment in empty stomach.

The duration of this treatment can come around 40-60 minutes roughly. Following that the patient is allowed to rest for two and half hours after which they can have a warm water shower.

The entire treatment can vary between 7-14 days depending upon the intensity of the disease.

The patient is advised by the Ayurveda Physician to take proper diet and medicines that should be followed post therapy.

Nature is involved in production of medicines for Ayurveda. We at Sri Veda Sushrutha Ayurveda Hospital provides benefits of Ayurveda easily accessible to everyone. Our centre has well equipped with modern equipments, dedicated Doctors, trained therapists, and hygienic treatments.

If you have further queries about the treatment, please feel free to send your details or contact us directly at our centre. We are happy to help you.