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Vasti Ayurveda Treatment

This is one of the five therapies of the panchakarma, that is used for the process of detoxification. This treatment effectively eliminates the disorders that originate from vata dosha. The procedure involves the administration of enema with herbal oils and formulae to detoxify the body. The treatment rids you of issues like, kidney stones, heart pain, backache, vomiting, sexual disorders, constipation and chronic fever. It cleanses the body of the impurities through the elimination of vata.

There are close to hundred ways of administering enema to perform panchakarma, but Vasthi is broadly classified into three types – Kashaya vasthi, Uttara vasthi and Sneha vasthi.

The solution used to administer enema or vasthi, at sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital, is made with a special formula with all components being absolutely natural and herbal and the treatment being authentic and effective. The therapy is performed by professional therapists who ace in their skill and knowledge.

There is another treatment that exists with a similar name mainly to cater to pains and aches. People generally confuse one for the other. We are happy to inform that we provide both kinds and to clarify or get a consult, you can book an appointment or visit our hospital directly.

Sri Veda Sushruta Hospital is one of the most trusted hospitals in hyderabad for the quality of services and the effectiveness of the treatments. We are happy to care.