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Tharpanam Ayurveda Treatment

Tharpanam the term resembles that of an hindu religious performance but it is different from that in terms of Ayurveda.

Tharpanam in ayurveda is a treatment of rejuvenation for pitta organ or eyes. It is used to treat various problems related to the eyes such as strain, irritation, pain,etc.

Tharpanam is best when eyes become drier or in summer when it becomes too hot.

In Ayurvedic tharpanam the ghee or medicated oil with Brimhana Dravyas is retained over the eyes. The eyes are bordered with a thick herbal combination made of urad dal or black gram flour that prevents seepage of oil. The medicated oil penetrates into the eyes and draws out the toxins from eye tissue.

This therapy can last upto 30 minutes. The entire duration of the treatment lasts between 7-21 days.

This treatment is very effective in improving eyesight, curing dry eye syndromes, strengthening optic nerve and preventing from different eye diseases.

Tharpanam is basically an eye-cleansing process that gives cooling effect to your eyes. Pudapakam is another therapy closely associated with Tharpanam.

We at Sri Veda Sushrutha Ayurveda Hospital believe that tharpanam is the best treatment for eye ailments like refractive errors, retinopathy, fatigue, ptosis, cataract, ocular muscle weakness, etc.

At our centre we believe at providing holistic and natural medicines for enhancing good health and well being and also to maintain optimal eye health. If you want to know further about the treatment please feel free to contact us.