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Udwarthanam for Weight Loss

One of the dry massage therapies of Panchakarma in the system ayurveda medicine, Udwarthanam is a therapeutic deep tissue massage, very similar to a scrub, which is performed using herbal powders.

Udwarthanam translates to ‘elevate or to promote’, hence, the massage involves upward stroking, with warm powder or paste which is rubbed forcibly on the body. The therapy pacifies the aggravated kapha dosha, reduces excess fat from the subcutaneous tissues, detoxifies, purifies, improves mobility of joints, strengthens the muscles, rejuvenates the body, improves circulation, opens up the body channels. It also effectively removes cellulite and helps in weight reduction.

The dry powder massage therapy effectively treats conditions like:

We, at Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital, promote this therapy for people who lead stressful lives and/or are struggling from issues of overweight as it actively helps in reducing excess fat. Ayurvedic Treatments at Sri Veda Sushruta are authentic and known for its effectiveness. Our treatment solutions are completely natural and bear no side effects. We strive our best to provide premier services to our patients and enable them to experience the health of mind, body and soul. To have this experience, you can book an appointment or visit our hospital directly. We will be happy to care.

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