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Geriatric Health Care

A lot of pains, aches and ailments come along with the dawn of old age. You try and fix one trouble and the other pops up. And it is disheartening to see your parents or grandparents to be suffering in the phase of their life when they should be enjoying their earned retirement.

You wish for your elders to age gracefully in the pink of their health, and ayurveda facilitates this for you.

For healthy aging, it is vital to lead a healthy lifestyle all throughout, right from childhood to old age. A healthy lifestyle also includes mental health. It is essential to lead a stress-free life in order to remain healthy in all parameters which could be very well done with the practice of Yoga and not just maintains your physical fitness but also keeps your mind and soul calm and stress free.

Ayurveda focuses on Rejuvenation known as rasayana treatment for geriatric care.
Rejuvenating and restorative treatments are specially designed to rid the aged of their stress and anxiety, eliminate toxins of their bodies, balance and calm their minds, and nurture their spirit. It establishes wellness by releasing emotional tension and physical discomfort, it also creates a foundation of wellness and stability in their physiology.

The therapy promotes Longevity and good health through the treatment as well as through a range of lifestyle measures and dietary care.

We at Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital, promote a rejuvenated, and energized living for people of all ages. It is very important to us that our elderly patients lead a healthy and pain free life to enjoy the rewards of ripe age. We make sure to use only natural herbal extracts to safeguard our patients from the side effects. Our treatments are known to be authentic and effective, all over Hyderabad. You can Book an Appointment or visit our hospital directly to begin the journey of healing.