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Ayurvedic Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Working for long hours, engaging in rigorous activities and even stress can cause your back to hurt. Back pain is a household conversation these days, every other middle age person suffers from it. The study of ayurveda suggests that the lower back is ruled by a subtype of ‘vata’- the downward flowing wind known as ‘apana vata’. Vata translates to ‘that which spreads’. It is believed in ayurveda that ‘where there is pain, there is vata’.

Apana vata is centered in the colon, pelvis and lumbosacral region of the lower back from where vata governs a variety of physiological functions, including movement in the lower back, hips and thighs, and all excretory processes of the body.

We at Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital offer a range of treatments based on the diagnosis of your back pain. A thorough diagnosis is done by Our Practitioners and then one of treatments or a combination of treatments is recommended to administer, for a quick recovery. The treatment for lower back pain include,

  • Kati Vasti: Kati means the lower back and Vasti means to hold, a well is made with dough of flour, on the lower back and then it is filled with warm oil. The oil is replaced as it cools down. This warm oil increases blood circulation in the area, relaxes the muscles, relieves the pain resulting in improved movement and reduced stiffness.
  • Pizhichil : Pizhichil literally means squeezing. This treatment involves squeezing warm medicated oil on your body with a piece of cloth that is soaked in the medicated oil. It strengthens the muscle tone, providing the much needed support.
  • Massage And Steam Therapy: A traditional Ayurvedic full body massage known as Abhyanga, helps relieving the tension in the muscles.the skin absorbs medicated herbal oils that nourish the body. Abhyanga is followed by steam therapy which could either be localized or of the entire body that helps to further soften and relax muscles. Another treatment is ‘kizhi’ in which powders, herbs, rice and sand are tied in a muslin cloth to make small satchels and heated. These satchels are then used to lightly pound all over the body or specific parts of the body as needed, in this case the lower back. The heat generated in kizhi helps in pacifying the aggravated vata, relieving the associated pain almost immediately.
  • Therapeutic Enema: By administering herbal oil or a decoction into your colon, excess vata is eliminated from where it is centred in the pelvic area. The rectum and colon both are rich in blood and lymph supply that allows effective absorption. Kashaya Basti is the treatment in which enema is administered using medicated decoction. It effectively treats lower back pain.
  • Herbal Supplements: Following the treatments, many herbs are used in order to reduce vata in the lower back region. These herbs work as supplements to increase the effectiveness of the treatments.
  • We also suggest the diligent practice of Yoga and and a few lifestyle changes that could help you lead a healthy life.

We promote a healthy living through treatments that are completely based on the study of the system of body in relation to nature and the universe. Our Orthopedic treatments are completely natural, bearing no side effects. We are one of the most efficient and authentic Ayurveda Centres in Hyderabad. You can Book an Appointment or visit us directly at our hospital to relieve yourself of the needless pain.