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Nasyam Ayurveda Treatment

Nasyam therapy also known as Nasya karma is one of the treatments of the Panchakarma Therapy in the system of ayurveda medicine. The detoxification therapy is delivered by administration of herbal oils and liquid medicines through nostrils.

The therapy clears sinus congestion and removes toxins from head and neck, providing relief from all kinds of headaches and migraines. It is known to improve rhinitis or runny nose and clears the blocked nasal passage.

The therapy is also effective in relieving mental and emotional stress and anxiety, stimulating brain and improving concentration. It further prevents the occurrence of goiter, tonsillitis and motor disorders.

Types of Nasyam

  • Pradhamana Nasyam – Administration of dry powders blown into the nose to treat diseases caused by kapha disorders.
  • Brumhana Nasyam – The treatment involves the utilisation of a formula made by ghee, oils, salt, medicated ghee, to cure vata-type of disorders.
  • Shamana Nasyam – Decoctions made from different kinds of tea and medicated oils are administered to treat pitta-type disorders.
  • Navana Nasyam – This procedure is used for treating kapha-pitta and vata-pitta disorders.
  • Marshya Nasyam – Ghee or oil is administered to treat uneasiness due to disease, in this kind of nasyam.
  • Pratimarshya – in this one, the nasal passage is lubricated and massaged with the clean little finger put inside your nostril after dipping it in ghee or oil.

Sinus is one of the most common issues people face, which cannot be treated with conventional medication. ayurveda , and specifically nasyam panchakarma is one of the most effective solutions to this condition.

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