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Patra Pinda Sweda

Patra Patra Potali Swedam is a very effective Rejuvenation Treatment which is used to treat Chronic Back Pain and Spine. Patra means leaves of medicinal plants, Potali means a bundle, and Sweda means Fomentation or sudation.

The treatment is done by heating medicinal leaves with herbal ingredients and tying in a muslin cloth to form a bundle. This bolus of medicinal leaves are dipped in warm medicated oil and used for massaging to induce sudation.

This treatment focuses on clearing the micro channels throughout the body carrying sweat, also it provides numerous health benefits of detoxification which is basically acquired by the therapy called Panchakarma.

The leaves used in this treatment are taken from medicinal plants such as Nirgundi, Shigru, Shireesha, Arka, Eranda,etc.

This procedure is done after Abhyangam that is massage done on the area of treatment before few minutes.

The procedure lasts for about 45 minutes. This treatment can be done on whole body too.

This treatment is used to treat medical conditions like paralysis, Arthritis, joint pain, cervical and lumbar spondylitis, sciatica.

We at Sri Veda Sushrutha Ayurveda Hospital believe that this treatment provides some of the healing consequences like anti ageing and rejuvenating properties for overall organic functions, strengthening muscles, bones, nerves and tissues, induces good sleep, improves blood circulation, Skin Beautification, promotion of vitality, removing disorders of nervous tension, relieves stress.

Ayurveda Treatment focuses on the symbiosis of mind, body, and spirit. We focus on treating diseases by using authentic ayurvedic medicines and thus creating an optimal health condition for each person to lead a healthy life.