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Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy

Our bodies weaken with age, thus begins the many health problems that start affecting us. Owing to today’s times and the stressful lifestyle we all tend to lead, many things get masked in impurities, including happiness. Our fast lifestyle and choices made are inevitably leading to the deterioration of the functioning of a healthy body. At times it is necessary to dedicate some time to undoing things we have done to our bodies, and there could be no better way than that of Ayurveda.

At Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital we offer a variety of rejuvenation therapies that are designed to nurture your overall health, detoxify the body of the many impurities accumulated and ones which are carried around without our knowledge and revitalising the senses. Rejuvenation therapies can immensely help a person in boosting their whole system, toning their Skin and creating a total state of well-being for any given patient.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation therapies offered at Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital –

  • Preserving optimum health
  • Delays the ageing process
  • Improves skin and its complexion
  • Improvement in overall immunity
  • Boosts the sensing ability of sense organs
  • Enhancing mental and physical capabilities

Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital, we offer the many kids of rejuvenation therapies that are recommended by our Ayurvedic Doctors to purify a patient’s body and to relieve them of all possible health problems.

Some of the rejuvenation therapies offered are –


Panchakarma is one of the widely known rejuvenation therapies in Ayurveda science. It primarily involves detoxification and immensely helps the body get rid of all toxins, helps in purification of the blood and helps tune the body to a level wherein it becomes capable of achieving perfect health and Longevity.


Abhyanga Therapy is the method of providing the patient with an Ayurvedic oil massage. This therapy is known to help the body get rid of many impurities, relieving stress, pacifying the Vaata and Kapha, while also overall helping in boosting all body parts.


Udwarthanam is the process during which the body is massaged using an application of herbal paste. With ample massage and then followed by a warm bath, all helps in improving blood circulation, reduces joint pains significantly and improves on the overall muscle tone of the body among other benefits.


Njavarakizhi is also a body massage therapy, which uses small linen boluses. These boluses are filled with a unique variety of cooking rice. The Njavarakizhi Therapy is known to cure rheumatism, many neuro-muscular disorders and aids a faster recover from broken bones. Overall this therapy is known to rejuvenate the entire body.


The Pizhichil Therapy is a process where the whole body is squeezed with warm medicated oil through a cloth, followed then by a gentle massage, lasting for about 60-90 minutes. The speciality of this massage therapy is its rhythmic motion, and overall it is helpful in reviving the whole body, to heal any fractured bones and on increasing the overall immunity in a body.

At Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital, the idea of designing these many rejuvenation therapies is to help the body restore to as much a natural state as possible. These therapies also help in getting the body rid of all unwanted toxins and improving the overall bodily functioning, to support any patient get started with a new, healthy way of life.